No-Shot Dental Fillings

Because of advances in technology, it is now possible to perform dental fillings with no shots. In the past, having a cavity meant the best course of action was a filling; however, the pain and sensitivity render it almost impossible for some, especially children, to undergo dental fillings.

The good news is that dental clinics, such as Aquario Dental, now offer a no-shot dental fillings procedure. What’s good about this is that the need for shots and drills during dental fillings are ruled out. By using laser dentistry, Aquario Dental assures that you or your child’s visit to the dentist is pleasant and enjoyable.

How Do No-Shot Dental Fillings Work?

Going to the dentist for dental treatment or oral health consultation can be stressful. For instance, the traditional dental filling procedure for cavities requires needles, drills and anesthesia shots, and some 30 million Americans experience dental phobia. As a result, they fail to visit the dentist even if they are experiencing severe tooth problems.

With the advent of technology, syringes, needles and drills are a thing of the past – particularly with dental fillings. Through laser technology, no-shot dental fillings are now possible. How could this be?

Dental clinics use an advanced laser technology that allows oral treatments to be administered without the necessity for needles and drills. In no-shot dental fillings, the machine will gradually “blow away” your tooth decay through microscopic abrasive particles. Depending on the severity of the case, anesthetics won’t be needed because shots are not required 98 percent of the time. After the decay has been eliminated, the affected tooth will be restored by plugging it with a white, or sometimes colored, dental filling.

Advantages of No-Shot Dental Fillings

No Annoying Sounds

Since the dentist won’t be using a drill, the entire procedure will be free from any noise deemed irritating. The laser technology used in no-shot dental fillings is soundless. The only thing you will hear is the clicking sound from operating the machine, and also minor crackling sound coming from the laser beam at work.

Shorter Time

Even if the conventional dental filling procedure can be performed in one visit to the dentist, it still takes at least an hour to remove those cavities. But in no-shot dental fillings, the technology significantly trims the time you will spend on the dentist chair. A typical procedure can be completed in under 15 minutes! Talk about huge time savings.

Less Intrusive

One good thing about no-shot dental fillings is that the decay can be specifically targeted without taking out any healthy enamel or dentin. By increasing the temperature of the water molecules present in the affected tooth, it will expand and displace the decay. Thus, the dentist can remove the cavity without destroying healthy tissue.

Considering that no shot dental fillings are less intrusive, less time consuming, and less scary than normal fillings, they are a very common option in pediatric dentistry. If you would like to learn more about no-shot dental fillings, you can contact us either via phone or e-mail. Alternatively, schedule a visit to our friendly and skilled oral health practitioners!

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