Pediatric Dentistry

According to recent data, children in the country lose 51 million school hours because of oral health issues. In addition, new trends suggest that children start to develop cavities as early as five! It is, therefore, ideal that parents arrange regular oral health checkups and consultations for their children at a young age to ensure a life of healthy teeth and gums.

Our pediatric dentists actively strive to change the way dentistry is commonly performed on children. With extensive knowledge in pediatric treatments and techniques, Aquario Dental pediatric specialists seek to ensure the highest quality and to minimize any fear/anxiety to create positive dental experiences and memories for all children.

Importance of a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

All board certified pediatric dentist, like the dental care practitioners at Aquario Dental, go through extensive education and specialized training to address the medical, developmental, emotional and behavioral needs of your children. While the underlying principles of pediatric dentistry are similar to that of adult dentistry, taking care of your child’s teeth necessitates extra attention and treatment to make sure that their smiles will grow and develop as expected.

Here at Aquario Dental, providing oral health care for children is not just a responsibility but our passion. Good oral hygiene begins with good habits. We suggest that you instruct and guide your children to brush their teeth at least twice a day, floss at least once a day, and most importantly, steer clear of sugary foods as much as possible. We also recommend that your child visits our clinic at least twice a year.

What Pediatric Dentists can Offer

As per the American Dental Association, the first pediatric dental appointment must be within six months after the child has his/her first tooth. Before you get too excited about your baby’s first milestone, you should have his/her teeth checked to assess if there are indications of decay or other health concerns. 

Pediatric dentists focus primarily on prevention and treatment. They offer dental care for babies and give basic education to parents about oral health care for youngsters. There are also pediatric dentists who engage in research so that they can find new ways of fending off oral health issues among children.

Just like your average general dentist, a pediatric dentist provides dental services such as teeth cleaning and filling cavities. They have a special apparatus specifically designed to address the dental health needs of children. Sedation dentistry is also available for children who are scared of the dental treatment.

Taking Care of Your Child’s Teeth

Your child’s oral health cannot be put off until the permanent teeth start surfacing. Problems like baby bottle decay need to be stopped early so that they won’t progress and cause larger problems. Even before baby teeth start to show, your baby’s gums should be lightly scrubbed using a toothbrush for infants, a sponge or a wash cloth. Your dentist will teach you the proper way of doing this.

Once the teeth appear, we suggest that your child uses a fluoride-free toothpaste to eliminate the plaque until he/she is old enough to spit out the toothpaste. If your youngsters ingest fluoride, it can result in teeth discoloration or fatal consequences.

There is no better time like today to take care of your child’s teeth. If you have questions or concerns regarding pediatric dentistry, feel free to call our office or schedule an appointment with our board certified pediatric dentists.

Treatment of Children with special needs

Our Pediatric Dentists are trained to treat children with a variety of medical and developmental conditions. Patients with certain developmental, mental, or emotional conditions may require treatment under General Anesthesia due to limited treatment options or an inability to cooperate for dental treatment.

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