Orthodontics, a specialty branch of dentistry, focuses on correcting teeth and jaw position. Teeth alignment (or misalignment) are often congenital traits but can also be caused by external factors such thumb sucking in kids, gingivitis, and jaw trauma. Orthodontists undergo additional years of study, in addition to their Dentistry degree, to specialize in this field.

The Need for Orthodontics

Crooked teeth, crowding, overbite, underbite, and open bite are common dental problems that do not fall under the scope of general dentistry. If your teeth exhibit any of these, you might agree that this is not a problem that causes you pain but in the long run, crowding can cause discomfort and eventually change your smile and appearance. Although these problems may appear aesthetic in nature, teeth misalignment can also lead to tooth decay and other related problems such as jaw muscle pains and headaches.

Teeth alignment problems also affect one’s confidence. When left untreated, it can worsen over time and gradually affect your smile. If you feel that your front upper teeth stick out when you smile or speak or if your jaws starts to hurt when you’re eating, it might be a good time to see an Orthodontist.

Available Orthodontic Treatments

Various Orthodontic treatments are available in the field. The traditional way of wearing braces is still the most popular way to correct teeth misalignment. While wearing braces is no doubt an effective way to correct teeth problems, this also poses a few inconveniences, such as difficulty in cleaning teeth and the inability to take the wires off whenever you want to.

The 21st century marked the development of Invisalign, a clear aligner made from plastic that is as effective as wearing braces minus the discomfort. It has quickly become a popular alternative to the traditional treatment procedure. Today, Invisalign has treated 4 million cases and is continuously evolving and innovating plastic aligners. Refer to our Invisalign page to know how Invisalign compares with braces.

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