Your mouth is a hot spot for bacteria, and these bacteria generate a strong acid that can erode teeth. Biology tells us that the body is capable of healing on its own; unfortunately, regenerative skills do not apply to teeth. Fortunately, the wonders of modern dentistry allow us to save and preserve a tooth that is slowly decaying. What you need to combat cavities is an expert in oral health care, such as Aquario Dental, and a dental filling procedure.

What is a Dental Filling?

Dentists address cavities by removing the deteriorating part of the tooth and “filling” it with a tooth-like material. This substance is known as a dental filling. The goal of a filling is to get rid of the cavity where food particles and the bacteria got stuck. If the bacteria become confined to the surface, it will eat away the tooth resulting in decay.

A dental filling is also employed to mend the tooth that has been damaged because of grinding or cavities. Moreover, the filling will fend off possible erosion. This procedure has helped millions of people in the United States save their teeth, which could have possibly needed extractions if not for the dental filling.

The Dental Filling Logistics

Here at Aquario Dental, we desensitize the tooth at root before it gets filled. The corroded area will be taken out using a drill or an air abrasion tool. The equipment to be used varies depending on the available instrument on hand, the preference of the dentist and the location and degree of the decay.

After cleaning the tooth, the dentist will check if all the decay has been fished out. The space to be filled should be free of any food particles and bacteria. There are various kinds of filling materials available, which can be used depending on the severity of the case and the patient’s needs. After the tooth has been filled with the material, the dentist will polish the tooth.

There are instances where a tooth-colored material is used, which entails extra steps. Following the application of the material, the dental filling will be exposed to a special light that will solidify the applied layer. It will then be trimmed off and polished.

Kinds of Filling Materials

Nowadays, different filling materials are available for the perusal of the dentist. However, which of them is right for you?

  • Gold Fillings – Gold fillings are assembled in the lab and then put in place on your tooth after it has been shaped. A typical gold filling is made up of 75% gold and 25% silver or palladium. Gold fillings are known for being extremely durable, well tolerated by our gum tissues, and having a long lifespan. This may be the best filling material for you, but its cost will make you think again. In addition, using gold fillings will require you multiple dental visits before the tooth is completely covered with the material.
  • Silver Fillings – Also known as amalgam, silver fillings are comprised of various metals like silver, copper and tin. These are relatively durable, can hold out against chewing forces and cheaper compared to composite fillings. Having said that, they are not aesthetically pleasing as its dark color can easily be noticed. As such, silver fillings are not advised to be used on your front teeth.
  • Ceramic Fillings – Ceramic fillings are constructed from a porcelain material. An upside about this filling material is that it can be toned with the natural color of your teeth. It can also withstand staining and is durable. However, it costs as much as a gold filling.
  • Composite Fillings – Composite fillings or direct fillings are applied straight to your teeth. Like ceramic fillings, this type of filling material can be matched to the color of your teeth. Basically, it is made up of a tooth-colored, glue-like substance and is cured to shape using a special light. Because of its versatility and aesthetic feature, composite fillings are the usual and suggested type of dental filling.

Taking Care of Your Dental Filling

Oral health professionals advise patients to partake in good oral hygiene habits to best take care of their dental filling. This is possible by brushing your teeth in circular motions at least twice a day, flossing at least once in a day, and visiting Aquario Dental for regular check-up and dental cleaning.

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