General Dentistry

The general dentistry services here at Aquario Dental are tailored to prevent, assess, identify and treat oral health issues in order to keep your teeth in good condition. Many oral health problems and deformities actually point to other health diseases. If necessary, our team of oral health professionals will call in other specialists so that your condition will be further checked.

Our general dental services include dental exams, cleanings, bridges, crowns, fillings, dentures, root canal treatment and extractions. At Aquario Dental, we will help you stop tooth decay and gum disease from progressing and are more than happy to assist you in better understanding your oral health needs.

Dental Examination

Regular dental exams are very important to keep your teeth intact and to maintain a healthy smile. Here at Aquario Dental, we recommend that you visit us for consultation at least once a year for the best oral health care.

Dental Cleaning

If you want to boast a beautiful smile, you should schedule regular dental cleaning appointments. This is pivotal not only for a great smile, but also for your overall oral health. Research shows that there is a link between poor dental health and chronic inflammatory diseases.

Crowns and Bridges

Dental crowns and bridges are regarded as the most effective options to improve flaws in your teeth, such as gaps between teeth or a damaged tooth. In addition, crowns and bridges will aid in balancing your bite while minimizing the likelihood of your teeth shifting.


Fillings are your best offense and defense from cavities. Our team here at Aquario Dental will correct your cavities and restore your teeth’s optimal health. Depending on the filling material, a dental filling will protect your teeth from cavities while guarding its structure.


Life can be difficult without teeth. With our dentures, you’ll gain the confidence to face your daily life with a big smile and increase your quality of life.


Our ultimate goal here at Aquario Dental is to preserve your teeth. However, there will always be instances wherein something happens to your tooth, and the only possible remedy is to extract it.

Root Canal Treatment

One can bypass extractions through a root canal treatment. As your natural teeth are important, root canals will salvage them. Our dentists here at Aquario Dental guarantee to repair, restore and save your natural teeth.

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