Our Mission

At Aquario Dental, our goal is to serve our community by providing the highest quality dental care by the best professionals in their respective dental fields.  Our dentists strive to improve the way dentistry is done by reducing fear and anxiety. We strive to maximize safety, quality and the overall experience of visiting the dentist by creating a stress free environment. This will improve oral health, and increase the quality of life for our patients and their families.

Hurry in And Get  Your Teeth Cleaned Today!

Our Specialists are trained to handle a wide variety of pediatric treatment needs.
Our General Dentists can preform a variety of adult and children’s dental procedures.
Difficulty extractions, biopsies, and more…all under the comfort of IV sedation.
Whether you’re looking to correct your smile, improve your child’s bite, or prevent issues with tooth alignment, we do it all.

What Makes Us Different

Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of our customers by investing in the people of our community. We are aware that going to the dentist is not anyone’s favorite thing to do; as pediatric dentists, we know this is especially true for children. Each of our dentists have a specialized education and a desire to work with kids. Once you arrive at our office, you will feel comfortable that you brought your child to the right place. Our waiting room area is child-safe; complete with a movie theatre, fish tanks, and video games.

At Aquario Dental, we aim to make the whole dentistry process a comfortable one for your child by providing movies for them to watch during each procedure. We invest our time building lasting relationships that will add to our growing family for years to come. Our exceptional staff will invest the time needed to get the work done right and provide the same quality service every time you visit. At Aquario Dental, our systems are always improving in an effort to create a better environment for each visit. We treat each patient with the care and respect they deserve. Our fees, payment plans, and procedures reflect our desire to work with each customer individually and make sure each patient receives the best care for the best price. When you visit Aquario Dental, you can rest assured you are at home with your dental needs.

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